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Darryl Flaherty

  • Associate Professor
  • Asian Studies Director
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119 John Munroe Hall
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Darryl Flaherty specializes in Japanese history and East Asian social and political history, from the nineteenth century to the present. With a B.A. from the History program at The Johns Hopkins University, he received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in October 2001. His current work focuses on voluntary associations, particularly associations of lawyers, in modern Japanese politics. Other research interests include questions of law and social change in Japan, U.S. military bases in East Asia, and how public spaces express ideology.

Click here to read John O. Haley’s (Vanderbilt Law School) review of Darryl Flaherty’s recent book Public Law, Private Practice: Politics, Profit, and the Legal Profession in Nineteenth Century Japan (2013).




  • Public Law, Private Practice Politics, Profit, and the Legal Profession in Nineteenth-Century Japan (Harvard University Press, 2013)

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