History Workshop

Professor J. Ritchie Garrison presenting his research at the Emancipation Semester History Workshop, Spring 2013.

The History Workshop meets in 203 Munroe Hall at 12:15 pm on Tuesdays. Presentations begin at 12:30 pm and are followed by discussion ending at 1:45 pm sharp. Bring a lunch. All are welcome! For further information, please call (302) 831-2371.

Spring Semester 2015

February 17 Adam Rome, University of Delaware, Fashion Forward? The Environmental History of Style, from Beaver Hats to iPhones
February 24 Arwen Mohun, University of Delaware, Dealing with the Scourges of Grade Griping and Academic Dishonesty: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment
March 3 Angus Burgin, Johns Hopkins University, Three Dogmas of Postindustrialism
A Digital Dialogue with Angus Burgin
March 10 Michael Jarvis, University of Rochester, The Pen and the Trowel: Archaeology, History, and Atlantic World Microhistory in Bermuda, 1610-2015
A Digital Dialogue with Michael Jarvis
March 17 Lawrence Duggan, University of Delaware, Sense and Nonsense about Machiavelli
A Digital Dialogue with Lawrence Duggan
March 24 Paul E. Johnson, University of South Carolina, Emeritus, Mr. Potter, the Ventriloquist
A Digital Dialogue with Paul Johnson
March 31 No Workshop, Spring Break
April 7 No Workshop
April 14 Cheryl R. Richardson, University of Delaware Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning, Implementing Inclusive Teaching Techniques in Your History Classroom
April 21 Rafia Zafar, Washington University in St. Louis, “There Is Probably No Subject More Important that the Study of Food”: George Washington Carver, Early Advocate of Farm-to-Table Eating and Sustainable Agriculture
April 28 Philip Mead, Museum of the American Revolution, George Washington’s Disappearing Ribbon and the Memory of the American Revolution
A Digital Dialogue with Philip Mead
May 5 Anna von der Goltz, Georgetown University, The Other Side of “1968”: Activism of the Center-Right in West Germany’s Age of Campus Protest
A Digital Dialogue with Anna von der Goltz
May 12 Alison Kreitzer, University of Delaware, Race Men: African American Participation in 20th Century Dirt Track Automobile Racing

Several past presentations are available to stream from our Podcast Archives or to download as podcasts via iTunesU (when in iTunes click on “History Workshops” tab).

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Image: Professor J. Ritchie Garrison presenting his research at the Emancipation Semester History Workshop, Spring 2013.

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