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Day to be Smithsonian Fellow

Anastasia DayPh.D. candidate Anastasia Day has received a Fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History. She will be spending four months in D.C. doing research for her dissertation “Productive Plots: Nature, Nation, and Industry in the Victory Gardens of the U.S. World War II Home Front.”

Her project is an analysis of victory gardens through the lenses of agriculture and industry. Victory gardens are the most successful local food movement in American history. At their height they were producing over 40% of America’s fresh produce and up to two-thirds of Americans participated in the movement. As a Hagley Scholar, Day is particularly interested in the focus on factory metaphors of industrial production within the victory garden movement.

Day ultimately hopes to turn this project into a book aimed at both public and academic audiences. She believes that the case study of victory gardens can provide valuable lessons for the future in growing sustainable food systems and rethinking the relationship between state and society, government and business, and food and the environment in American culture.

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