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Matson Publishes Three Articles

Cathy Matson, Richards Professor of American History, has published three articles recently.  One, “Putting the ‘Lydia’ to Sea: The Material Economy of Shipping in Colonial Philadelphia,” appeared in The William and Mary Quarterly’s recent special issue devoted to new scholarship on the intersections of local peoples and global developments in the 18th century. This article explores the enmeshed relationships of Philadelphia merchants who dealt with dense port-city neighborhoods of craftsmen and sailors, as well as their equally dense system of relationships in every corner of global trade. It does so through the lens of how one merchant partnership put a ship at sea. A second article, “Situating Merchant in Late-18th Century British Atlantic Port Cities,” was co-written with Emma Hart of St. Andrews University, Scotland, and published in Early American Studies this fall. In it, the authors compare and contrast three merchants’ commercial connections, and they find startling distinctions based on the different port city communities of Edinburgh, Charleston and Philadelphia. Matson’s third recent article is “Economic History at a Crossroads: Reconsidering Methods, Spaces and Peoples,” and it appears in Journal of the Early Republic, Volume 36, as the introductory essay in a special issue that Matson guest edited, stemming from a conference that Matson organized and hosted.

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