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Professor Maloba Writes Two Kenyatta Books

Wunyabari (W.O.) Maloba, professor and chair of Africana studies and professor of history at UD, is the author of two new books on the history of Kenya and its founding president, Jomo Kenyatta. Maloba’s book Kenyatta and Britain: An Account of Political Transformation, 1929-1963, has been hailed as the first serious political biography of Jomo Kenyatta in 40 years. It explores Kenyatta’s life as an anti-colonial activist through 1963, when he became prime minister of Kenya. The examination of Kenyatta’s legacy is completed in Maloba’s second volume, Anatomy of Neo-Colonialism in Kenya: British Imperialism and Kenyatta, 1963-1978, which follows Kenyatta’s years in power until his death. Both books were published this fall by Palgrave Macmillan.

Read Anne Manser’s UDaily question and answer interview with Professor Maloba here.

Professor Maloba and covers of his two recent books.

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