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Department Welcomes Steve Marti

The History Department is pleased to welcome Steve Marti as our first postdoctoral appointment in digital history pedagogy! During the 2015-2016, Steve will teacSteve Martih an undergraduate history course showcasing digital humanities approaches to studying history. Students will learn how to use applications, such as Google Fusion Tables and Voyant Tools, to create dynamic research projects using historical data. He will also host workshops for graduate students and history faculty members. These seminars will instruct colleagues on the ways to use digital humanities in their classrooms and provide helpful strategies to better process and organize their personal research. Steve’s vast digital humanities skill set will encourage University of Delaware students and faculty to engage with the present while they work to understand the past.

Steve is currently in the process of finishing his dissertation, “Embattled Communities: Voluntary Mobilization and Identity in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, 1914-1918,” at Western University in London, Ontario. His research examines the ways communities on the periphery of the British Empire rationalized their patriotism and relationship to the empire during World War I. Steve’s dissertation traces how residents of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand maintained their connection to world events by participating in local volunteer initiatives, such as knitting socks for troops or raising money for the British Red Cross Society.

Steve Marti maintains a personal blog, CANZAC. Check out his latest post on “Mapping Intensity.” He has also participated in a graduate class that produced twelve short videos on interactive exhibit design available on YouTube.

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