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History Workshop

History Workshop 40th Anniversary Organizers

The History Workshop meets in 203 Munroe Hall at 12:15 pm on Tuesdays. Presentations begin at 12:30 pm and are followed by discussion ending at 1:45 pm sharp. Bring a lunch. All are welcome! For further information, please call (302) 831-2371.

Fall Semester 2017

Sept. 5 Arwen Mohun, University of Delaware – “The Perils and Opportunities of Writing Family History:  Richard Dorsey Mohun’s Life in the Age of Empire”
Sept. 12 Jessica Martucci, University of Pennsylvania – “Catholic Influences in  20th century U.S. Medicine and Some Implications for Women’s Health”
Sept. 19  Dane Kennedy, George Washington University – “Debating the End of Empire: Exceptionalism and its Critics”
Oct. 3 Andrew Friedman, Haverford College – “Decolonization’s Diplomats: Anti-Racism, D.C. and the Year of Africa”
Oct. 10 Lynne Hartnett, Villanova University – “St. Petersburg in the Shadow of Parliament: Russian Migration, Asylum, and Transnational Political Activism”
Oct. 24 Kasey Grier, University of Delaware – Confederate Monuments Removal Round Table. Please read a few of the articles PRIOR to the Workshop to have an informed discussion. Click here for the pdf with links to the articles.
Oct. 31 Anna Kushkova, University of North Carolina – “‘Refined Jews’: Yikhes and Social Status in the (Post)-Soviet Shtetl”
Nov. 7 Clarence Maxwell, Millersville University – “Set Us Free”
Nov. 14 Michelle Anderson, University of Delaware – “‘A Barrack Becomes a Home’: Interior Decoration in America’s Concentration Camps”
Nov. 28 Praksash Kumar, Pennsylvania State University – “American Point Four Experts and India’s Development Regime in the 1950s”

History Workshop Archive

History Workshop Digital Dialogue, Spring 2015



Image: History Chair Arwen Mohen helps celebrate the 40th year of the History Workshop with our graduate students who organize each semester's History Workshop. Pictured left to right: Anastasia Day, Arwen Mohun, Alexander Ames, Nalleli Guillen and Michelle Everidge Anderson.

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Map background Ratzer, Bernard "Province of New Jersey" (map) courtesy Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, Newark Delaware.