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History Workshop

History Workshop 40th Anniversary Organizers

The History Workshop meets in 203 Munroe Hall at 12:15 pm on Tuesdays. Presentations begin at 12:30 pm and are followed by discussion ending at 1:45 pm sharp. Bring a lunch. All are welcome! For further information, please call (302) 831-2371.

Fall Semester 2017

Sept. 5 Arwen Mohun, University of Delaware – “The Perils and Opportunities of Writing Family History:  Richard Dorsey Mohun’s Life in the Age of Empire”
Sept. 12 Jessica Martucci, University of Pennsylvania – “Catholic Influences in  20th century U.S. Medicine and Some Implications for Women’s Health”
Sept. 19  Dane Kennedy, George Washington University – “Debating the End of Empire: Exceptionalism and its Critics”
Sept. 26  Kasey Grier, University of Delaware – Confederate Monuments Removal Round Table. Please read a few of the articles PRIOR to the Workshop to have an informed discussion. Click here for the pdf with links to the articles.
Oct. 3 Andrew Friedman, Haverford College – “Decolonization’s Diplomats: Anti-Racism, D.C. and the Year of Africa”
Oct. 10 Lynn Hartnett, Villanova University – “St. Petersburg in the Shadow of Parliament: Russian Migration, Asylum, and Transnational Political Activism”
Oct. 31 Anna Kushkova, Univesity of North Carolina – “‘Refined Jews’: Yikhes and Social Status in the (Post)-Soviet Shtetl”
Nov. 7 Clarence Maxwell, Millersville University – “Set Us Free”
Nov. 14 Michelle Anderson, University of Delaware – “‘How a Barrack Becomes a Home’: Interior Decoration in America’s Concentration Camps”
Nov. 28 Praksash Kumar, Pennsylvania State University – “American Point Four Experts and India’s Development Regime in the 1950s”

History Workshop Archive

History Workshop Digital Dialogue, Spring 2015



Image: History Chair Arwen Mohen helps celebrate the 40th year of the History Workshop with our graduate students who organize each semester's History Workshop. Pictured left to right: Anastasia Day, Arwen Mohun, Alexander Ames, Nalleli Guillen and Michelle Everidge Anderson.

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Map background Ratzer, Bernard "Province of New Jersey" (map) courtesy Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, Newark Delaware.