Prof. Wang teaching History of China

If your wish is to gain skills in writing, research and analytical thinking that will provide the foundation for careers in many fields, we are sure that you will discover that the Department of History is a wonderful place both to explore the past and to shape your future.

The Department currently has about 450 undergraduate majors and 220 undergraduate minors. Our students can choose to be generalists in history or concentrate in a specific area such as Global History, European History or American History. Others elect to follow combined majors in History/Foreign Languages or History/Classics. We also offer a highly acclaimed History Education program that trains future middle and school teachers and has been selected by national accrediting agencies as a model for Universities throughout the country.

The History Graduate Program is one of the largest in the College of Arts and Sciences. About 70 graduate students are currently pursuing either the M.A. or the Ph.D. in history. In addition to nationally recognized strengths in American and European history, the Department hosts the distinguished Hagley Program in the History of Capitalism, Technology, and Culture and the American Civilization Program which is an important locus for material culture studies.


Image: Professor Wang teaching an East Asian Civilization course in Kirkbride Hall.