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2016-2017 History graduate students

Welcome to the Graduate Program in History at the University of Delaware!

The Department of History offers M.A. and Ph.D. programs in American and European history and more limited graduate study in Ancient, African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern history. In addition, we sponsor interdisciplinary doctoral programs in the History of American Civilization (in cooperation with the Winterthur Museum) and the Hagley Program in Capitalism, Technology, and Culture (in conjunction with the Hagley Museum and Library). The department maintains close ties with the University’s Center for American Material Culture and Museum Studies certificate program, through which students, as a supplement to their training in history, may prepare for careers with museums and historical organizations. The History Department also participates in the University’s African American Public Humanities Initiative, an interdisciplinary program integrating the disciplines of History, English, Art History, and Africana Studies.

The History Department is committed to maintaining small, highly selective graduate programs to ensure that our students receive the most rigorous training as scholars, teachers, and museum/historical society professionals. Graduate students develop close working relationships with faculty, and compete successfully for jobs. We also offer our students the opportunity to develop an expertise in areas currently in demand: public history and world history. We provide up to five years of funding (tuition waiver plus stipend) to our Ph.D. students and two years of funding (tuition waiver plus stipend) to nearly all of our M.A. students. (Please see Financial Aid & Awards for details.)

The application deadline for all programs is January 5th. Apply on-line through our Graduate Studies Office on-line application Slate system.

For questions or more information about our graduate programs contact our Graduate Program Coordinator, Ms. Diane Clark or the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee, Dr. Rebecca Davis. Or click here to email an application counselor.


Image: History graduate students at the first day of their graduate career at the University of Delaware, 2016-2017.

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Map background Ratzer, Bernard "Province of New Jersey" (map) courtesy Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, Newark Delaware.