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Dissertations in Progress

Katrina Anderson (Advisor: Erica Armstrong Dunbar)
“Traveling the British Atlantic World: Free Women of African Descent and Emancipation in the Black Atlantic, 1770-1865”

Michelle Anderson (Advisor: Rebecca Davis)
“Unsettled: Temporary Housing and American Families in the Twentieth Century”

Jeffery Appelhans (Advisor: Christine Heyrman)
“Catholics in Early American Civil Society and the Public Sphere”

Alyce Graham (Advisor: Christine Heyrman)
“Arctic Martyrs: Hardship and Suffering in Nineteenth-Century Arctic Exploration”

Amanda Guidotti (Advisor: Christine Heyrman)
“Living in the Light: Evangelicals and the Transformation of American Quakerism, 1720-1770″

Timothy Hack (Advisor: Peter Kolchin)
“Forging Slavery on the Dutch Frontier, 1620-1664”

Shalon Hallager (Advisor: Erica Armstrong Dunbar)
“Building Bethel: The Creation of the AME Church In Philadelphia and Baltimore, 1790-1860”

Stephanie Hill (Advisor: Peter Kolchin)
“On the Border of Freedom: A Comparative Study of African-American Experiences in Delaware and Maryland From 1864 to 1912”

Kevin Impellizeri (Advisor: Katherine Grier)
“The Three-Player Game: A Cultural History of Home Video Games in America, 1972-1994”

Terry Johnston (Advisor: Peter Kolchin)
“Paddy in Blue: Irishmen, Irish Americans, and Service in the Union Armies, 1861-1965”

Michael Pospishil (Advisor: Cathy Matson)
“Land, Authority, and Development in the Empire State:  New York, 1790-1840”

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