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Our program faculty’s research and teaching specialties cover the globe through their disciplinary  specialties and span the centuries in their historical interests. These nationally and internationally known scholars are  associated with many of the outstanding interdisciplinary programs on campus, including Women’s Studies, East Asian Studies, African Studies, Latin American Studies, Continental European Studies, Black American Studies, Jewish Studies, and International Relations. Our Social Studies Secondary Education program continues to be highly ranked nationally by the National Council for the Social Studies due to its rigor, innovation, and expertise in both pedagogy and social studies content.

Program Instructors

Lawrence Duggan, Ph.D.
Later Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation, with an emphasis on church and German history

Darryl Flaherty, Ph.D.
Japanese history and East  Asian social and political history, from the nineteenth century to the present

Alan Fox, Ph.D.
Comparative Philosophy and Religion

Michael Frassetto, Ph.D.
World History

Barry Joyce, Ph.D.
Program Director. Coordinator of the History/Social Studies Secondary Education Program. American West and Native American history

Hannah Kim, Ph.D.
Coordinator of the History/Social Studies Secondary Education program. U.S. and Korean relations in the early to mid-twentieth century

W.O. Maloba, Ph.D.
African nationalism, revolutionary movements, women’s history and Africana studies

Rudi Matthee, Ph.D.

Peter Rees, Ph.D.
Professor of Geography, Emeritus

Jonathan Russ, Ph.D.
Delaware and modern American business history

Yuanchong Wang, Ph.D.
Late imperial and modern Chinese and East Asian history

Program Support Staff

Diane Clark
Administrative Assistant, History Graduate Program

Angela Hoseth, M.Ed.
Coordinator, History Media Center



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Map background Ratzer, Bernard "Province of New Jersey" (map) courtesy Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, Newark Delaware.