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History Education Major

Social Studies Education major student teaching practicum

The program includes the following requirements:

  1. The College of Arts & Science General Education requirements.
  2. Thirty-six credit hours in History – see check sheet.
  3. Twenty-seven credits of related work in Political Science, Economics, and Geography.
  4. Twenty-seven credits in Professional Education. (Student teaching and HIST493 must be taken spring semester of senior year).
  5. A 3.0 GPA in History courses and 2.75 cumulative at the time of application to student teaching.

Please note that Student teaching applications are due very early in February of the junior year. The program leads to certification in secondary school social studies. For specific program requirements contact Professor Barry Joyce or Professor Hannah Kim.

For comprehensive information for all Social Studies Education majors, please see the Social Studies Education web site.

Requirements as listed in the UD Undergraduate Catalog

Check Sheet For History Education Majors



Image: During the Fall semester, each student in the Social Studies Education program is required to lead a group lesson to local high school students in preparation for their semester-long student teaching requirement that takes place in the spring semester of their senior year.

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