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Frequently Asked Questions

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2) How do I…?

  • find the name of my academic advisor? You can find your academic advisor in UDSIS.  If your advisor is not listed, contact the Department at 831-2371 or
  • find my advisor’s contact information? Once you know your advisor’s name, you can find his or her contact information on our faculty list.
  • find out if I am on track for graduation?Consult your Academic Progress Report in UDSIS.  Fill out a check sheet and keep it up to date.  Bring it to any meetings with your academic advisor.
  • add a History major or minor? Use UDSIS

3) What can I …?
  • combine with my History major, as a double major or minor? Many History majors combine the major with a second major or minor in Political Science, English, Legal Studies, Sociology/Criminal Justice, Black American Studies, Women’s Studies, or Area Studies.
  • do with a History Degree?
  • do with a History major after graduation? Visit the Career Services Center
4) When should I ….?

​see my advisor? See your advisor every semester before registration begins for the next term, or any time you are need advice on your major.declare a second major or minor?  Any time during or after the second semester of freshman year.

5) What do these terms mean?

  • “cross-listed” course. The course is listed with two departments or programs.  Courses cross-listed with History courses are considered History courses, even if taken under another department’s number.  Courses cross-listed with History can be used to fulfill requirements for the major; they cannot be used to fulfill non-History Group requirements.
  • “double-dipping” on courses. One “double dips” when a course fulfills two requirements at once.  For instance, a course can be both a “pre-1700” course and a 300-level course required for the major.  Or a course can fulfill both a History major requirement and a College or University requirement (such as the requirement for a second writing course).  Double-dipping is permitted.
  • AP Credits. Advanced Placement” credits are awarded for certain scores on the Advanced Placement History exam.
  • “requirement term” on UDSIS. Your “requirement term” determines which graduation requirements you must fulfill.  Generally, your “requirement term” is the first semester or term during which you began full-time study at UD.
  • “second writing” coursesFrom the UD Catalog: Second Writing Requirement: (minimum grade C-)A second writing course involving significant writing experience including two papers with a combined minimum of 3,000 words to be submitted for extended faculty critique of both composition and content. This course must be taken after completion of 60 credit hours. Appropriate writing courses are designated in the semester's Registration Booklet.

6) What if I…?
  • want to drop a course after official drop-add
  • receive a Z grade in a course
  • fail a required course and retake it
  • get a grade below C- in a History course

Answers to these and other questions can be found in the UD Catalog, under “Academic Regulations for Undergraduates”

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
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