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  1. The Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee will assign each incoming student a temporary faculty advisor in September. Temporary advisors will be drawn primarily from the members of the Graduate Studies Committee for that year.
  2. First year students may, at any time, replace their temporary faculty advisor with a permanent faculty advisor. Both the Chair of the GSC and the Academic Support Coordinator of the graduate program should be notified immediately of any such changes.
  3. Students are required to choose a permanent faculty advisor during their first year. After securing the agreement of a faculty member to serve as their permanent advisor, the student must notify the temporary advisor, the Chair of the GSC, and the Academic Support Coordinator to the graduate program of his or her choice no later than April of that year.
  4. Faculty advisers, both temporary and permanent, are required to meet with each of their advisees at least twice a year.  It is the advisers' responsibility to assist in planning individual class schedules, to ensure that course selections will fulfill degree requirements, and to ensure that doctoral students are making adequate preparation for primary and secondary field qualifying examinations and the dissertation.
  5. Permanent faculty advisers are required to review the files of their advisees who have completed their third semester of course work and to present a written report to the GSC on the progress and performance of each of those students. Reports should be submitted to the Academic Support Coordinator of the graduate program by the beginning of the winter term in January.
  6. The Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee will review the portfolio and academic record of each Ph.D. student after he or she has completed three full semesters (or 21 credits) of graduate study. On the basis of this review, the Chair will inform the student whether he or she is making satisfactory progress.  If either a permanent faculty adviser or the Chair of the GSC should find cause for concern about the performance of any students who have completed three semesters of coursework, the GSC will meet to review the files of those students. The permanent faculty advisers of the students in question will be requested to attend that meeting.
  7. In early spring, the Graduate Chair will also send a notice to all second year Ph.D. students to remind them that they are required to sit for qualifying exams the following fall. The Graduate Chair will remind students that they must fulfill the language requirement prior to taking the qualifying exams.
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