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Requirements for the M.A. Degree

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Unless otherwise noted, the time limits, cumulative index, residence, and other requirements for the M.A. are those specified by the University Office of Graduate and Professional Education. All graduate course credits must be earned at the 600 level or above.

The Master's degree is awarded upon successful completion of a two-year sequence of courses designed to familiarize students with the substance, interpretation, and practice of history. The M.A. serves both as a terminal degree for those students who seek greater exposure to historical study before entering a variety of careers from high-school teaching to museum work, and as a preparatory degree for those students who intend to pursue a Ph.D. Master's Degree track students who hope to switch to the Ph.D. track should arrange their graduate coursework with Ph.D. requirements in mind.

The Master's degree track student must fulfill the following requirements:

Complete 30 credits of graduate work, of which at least 21 credits must be in history.

The history credits must include the following:

  • Students in their first semester will take "The Art and Craft of Innovative History."
  • Four reading seminars: With the approval of the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee, a HIST666 component of an undergraduate lecture course may count as a reading seminar. Such approval will be given only when a HIST666 component includes regular "mini-seminar" meetings to discuss graduate- level readings.
  •   Either two research seminars or one research seminar plus an M.A. thesis.
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Requirements for the M.A. Degree
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Requirements for the M.A. Degree
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