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History Media Center

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The History Media Center is a multimedia resource facility for the History department created in 1970 with the help of the History Education Project of the AHA and general University funding. The Center provides history faculty, graduate students and history education students with the use of, and instruction in, electronic media for teaching and research through the creative application of technology. The Center’s resources encompass a number of teaching collections including slides, maps, transparencies, videos, DVD’s, music CD’s, audio cassettes, and educational software. Technical equipment, such as computers, laptops, data projectors, scanners, video and audio players, digital cameras, is also available to produce multimedia lectures.

The Center houses a collection of over 190,000 slides covering images in American, European, and World history, of which, around 10,000 have been digitized. An easy-to-use database lets patrons search for slides using key words, time period, or geographic location. History Media Center staff can assist users with the selection of video programs from over 700 videotapes and DVDs including academic films, documentaries, international films, special purpose videos, and feature films.

The Center’s staff also provide other services for the history department including: graphic design and desktop publishing; photography and digital imagery; database development and management; assistance with equipment and media scheduling and maintenance; assistance with Sakai, Canvas and Webpage design, as well as general computer and software technical assistance.

Patrons who require specialized staff assistance are encouraged to call (831-2378) or send email to Angie Hoseth at to schedule an appointment.

Access to WWII Ration Books for History Education Students

History Media Center Staff

Angela Hoseth, Coordinator

Graduate students working in the History Media Center.
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