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Digital Projects

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Graduate students creating digital projects in the History Media Center
Crowdsourced Websites

The Emancipation Project – Professor Ritchie Garrison’s HST 411 class, “The Emancipation Project,” created this website as a public resource about the Union Army’s Massachusetts 54th Black Regiment. The site features profiles of individual soldiers, explorations into Civil War material culture, and a digital transcription of Regiment Quartermaster John Ritchie’s diary. For more on students’ experience, check out UDaily 09/16/2013.

Course Projects

Disposable America is a collection of material culture related research and essays by graduate students that explore production, consumption, and waste in the U.S.  Graduate students in Katherine C. Grier’s Introduction to Material Culture Studies course add to this site each term.

“Get Your Smokey On! An Exploration of Green Characters in the Mainstream” is a digital exhibition created by Ashley Giordano (M.A. ’16) for the Museums and Modern Technology course.

“Thank You For Your Patronage” is an online exhibit of nineteenth-century trade cards from Cecil County, created by Della Keyser (M.A. ’15) for Curatorship and Management of Archives and Paper Collections


The History of American Civilization (AmCiv) Program Blog – Maintained by UD AmCiv Grad Students

Picking for Pleasure – A blog on antiquing, maintained by Nicole Belolan

Ran Away from the Subscriber – Examines public history, archaeology, and material culture. Maintained by Tyler Putnam.

The Historian in the Garden – Professional blog of Anastasia Day.

Selections from the 2012 Material Culture Symposium for Emerging Scholars – Created by Nicole Belolan, Alison Kreitzer, and Anne Reilly.

Videos and Narrated PowerPoints

Sustaining Places – Students of Museum Studies create powerpoint and videos to share quick techniques for small museum collections management.

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