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117 John Munroe HallNewark, DE 19716<div class="ExternalClass23AC03FC59604CED81F366EE324563D5"><p>​David Shearer specializes in Soviet and twentieth-century European history. He received his B.A. from Ohio State University in 1974 and his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1988. His publications include <em>Industry, State, and Society in Stalin’s Russia, 1926-1934</em> (Cornell University Press, 1996/1997), <em>Policing Stalin’s Socialism: Repression and Social Order in the Soviet Union, 1924-1953</em> (Yale University Press, 2009), and articles on Soviet historiography and social history of the 1920s and 1930s. He is currently compiling and editing a collection of Soviet political police documents from the 1930s, and he is working on a new monograph length research project: the history of Russian and Soviet exploration in Central Asia. More generally, Professor Shearer has an interest in the changing notions of modernity. In addition to other courses, he leads a graduate seminar on this topic.</p></div><div class="ExternalClassB7B2CA73149E4107B5400C0733640812"><h4>Books:</h4><ul><li><em>Stalin and the Lubianka: A Documentary History of the Political Police and Security Organs in the Soviet Union, 1922–1953</em> with Vladimir Khaustov (Yale University Press, 2015)</li><li><em>Stalinskii voennyi sotsializm. Repressii i obshchestvennyi poryadok v Sovetskom Soyuze, 1924-1953</em> (Moscow, Rosspen, 2014)</li><li><em>Policing Stalin’s Socialism: Repression and Social Order in the Soviet Union, 1924-1953</em> (Yale University Press, 2009)</li><li><em>Industry, State, and Society in Stalin's Russia, 1926-1934</em> (Cornell University Press, 1996)</li></ul></div>Publicationsdshearer@udel.edu, David<img alt="Professor David Shearer" src="/Images%20Bios/faculty/shearer.JPG" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Thomas Muncy Keith Professor of HistoryM/W 10-11am: Zoom



Stalin and the Lubianka: A Documentary History of the Political Police and Security Organs in the Soviet Union, 1922–1953Shearer, DavidVladimir KhaustovYale University Press2015<p>​This documentary history explores Joseph Stalin's relationship with, and manipulation of, the Soviet political police. The story follows the changing functions, organization, and fortunes of the political police and security organs from the early 1920s until Stalin's death in 1953, and it provides documented detail about how Stalin used these organs to achieve and maintain undisputed power. Although written as a narrative, it includes translations of more than 170 documents from Soviet archives.</p>
Policing Stalin’s Socialism: Repression and Social Order in the Soviet Union, 1924-1953Shearer, DavidYale University Press2009<p> </p><p><em>Policing Stalin’s Socialism</em> is one of the first books to emphasize the importance of social order repression by Stalin’s Soviet regime in contrast to the traditional emphasis of historians on political repression. Based on extensive examination of new archival materials, David Shearer finds that most repression during the Stalinist dictatorship of the 1930s was against marginal social groups such as petty criminals, deviant youth, sectarians, and the unemployed and unproductive.</p><p> </p><p>It was because Soviet leaders regarded social disorder as more of a danger to the state than political opposition that they instituted a new form of class war to defend themselves against this perceived threat. Despite the combined work of the political and civil police the efforts to cleanse society failed; this failure set the stage for the massive purges that decimated the country in the late 1930s.</p>
Stalinskii voennyi sotsializm. Repressii i obshchestvennyi poryadok v Sovetskom Soyuze, 1924-1953Shearer, DavidRosspen2004
Industry, State, and Society in Stalin's Russia, 1926–1934Shearer, DavidCornell University Press1996<p>In his reexamination of the origins of the Stalinist state during the formative period of rapid industrialization in the late 1920s and early 1930s, David R. Shearer argues that a centralized state-controlled economic system was the consciously conceived political creation of Stalinist leaders rather than the inevitable by-product of socialist industrialization.</p><p>Focusing on the different economic and bureaucratic cultures within the industrial system, Shearer reconstructs the debates in 1928 and 1929 over administrative, financial, and commercial reform. He uses information from recently opened archives to show that attempts by the state's trading organizations to create a commercial economy enjoyed wide support, offering a model that combined planning and rapid industrialization with social democracy and economic prosperity. In an effort to crush the syndicate movement and establish tight political control over the economy, Stalinist leaders intervened with a program of radical reforms. Shearer demonstrates that professional engineers, planners and industrial administrators in many cases actively supported the creation of a powerful industrial state unhampered by domestic social and economic constraints.</p><p>The paradoxical result, Shearer shows, was a loss of control. The overly centralized system that emerged during the first Five-Year Plan was rendered incoherent by periodic economic crises and the continuing influence of partially suppressed social and market forces.</p>

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