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237 John Munroe HallNewark, DE 19716<div class="ExternalClass69DE87ACD00442F3920B5FDC96A99118"><p>​James M. Brophy specializes in modern European history, particularly the social and political history of nineteenth-century Germany. He received his B.A. from Vassar College and did his graduate training at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen  and Indiana University. He has written <em>Capitalism, Politics, and Railroads in Prussia, 1830-1870</em> (Columbus: Ohio State UP, 1998) and <em>Popular Culture and the Public Sphere in the Rhineland, 1800-1850</em> (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2007) as well as co-edited <em>Perspectives from the Past: Sources in Western Civilization</em> (New York: W.W. Norton, 1998; 4th ed., 2008).   He is currently at work on the book-length project, <em>Markets of Knowledge: Publishing and Politics in Central Europe, 1800-1870</em>.</p></div><div class="ExternalClassC2AF8ED67E0748B78C69969862F71486"><h4>Books:</h4><ul><li><em>Popular Culture and the Public Sphere in the Rhineland, 1800-1850</em>. (New Studies in European History.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007. Paperback, 2009.</li><li><em>Capitalism, Politics, and Railroads in Prussia, 1830-1870</em> (Historical Perspectives on Business Enterprise Series). Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1998.</li></ul><h4>Edited Volumes</h4><ul><li><em>Perspectives from the Past: Primary Sources in Western Civilizations</em>. Two volumes. Edited by James M. Brophy et al. New York: W.W. Norton, 1998. 1,280 Pp.; 6 th edition, 2016.</li></ul><h4>Articles and Book Chapters</h4><ul><li>“‘The Modernity of Tradition’: Popular Protest in Nineteenth-Century Germany, “ in <em>Protest, Popular Culture, and Tradition in Modern and Contemporary Western Europe</em>. Edited by Ilaria Favretto and Xabier Itcaina (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017). Pp. 21-43.</li><li>“The Second Wave: Franco-German Translation and the Transfer of Political Knowledge, 1815-1850,” in <em>Archiv für Geschichte des Buchwesens</em> 71 (2016): 83-116.</li><li>“Der Hessische Landbote and the Landscape of Radical Print, 1830-1834,” in<em> ‘Friede den Hütten, Krieg den Palästen’. Der Hessische Landbote in interdisziplinärer Perspektive</em>. Edited by Markus May, Udo Roth, and Gideon Stiening. Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2016. Pp. 67-94.</li><li>“Grautöne: Verleger und Zensurregime im Mitteleuropa 1800-1850,” <em>Historische Zeitschrift</em> 301/2 (2015): 297-346.</li><li>“Dimensions transnationales de la culture politique rhénane, 1815-1848,” <em>Revue d’histoire du XIXe siécle</em> 46/1 (2013): 73-93.</li><li>“The Rhine Crisis of 1840 and German Nationalism: Chauvinism, Skepticism, and Regional Reception,” <em>Journal of Modern History</em> 85 (2013): 1-35.</li><li>“Preußische Zensur und deutsche Verleger im Vormärz: Der Fall Heinrich Hoff,” in <em>Das literarische Leben des 19. Jahrhunderts im Spiegel der Zensur</em>, eds. Bernd Kortländer and Enno Stahl (Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2012), 203-27.</li></ul></div>Publicationsjbrophy@udel.edu, James302-831-2371<img alt="Professor James Brophy" src="/Images%20Bios/faculty/Brophy_James.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Francis H. Squire Professor of HistoryEuropean Studies DirectorM/W 2:30-3:30



Perspectives from the Past: Primary Sources in Western Civilizations, Vol 1Brophy, JamesJoshua Cole, John Robertson, Thomas Max Safley, and Carol SymesW.W. Norton2016
Perspectives from the Past: Primary Sources in Western Civilizations, Vol 2Brophy, JamesJoshua Cole, John Robertson, Thomas Max Safley, and Carol SymesW.W. Norton2016<p>​<em>Perspectives from the Past: Primary Sources in Western Civilizations</em> features a diverse range of primary sources for analysis, offering a total of 225 classic and contemporary documents of varying length.</p>
Popular Culture and the Public Sphere in the Rhineland, 1800-1850Brophy, JamesCambridge: Cambridge University Press2007<p>​The age of revolution challenged the ancient régime's political world, introducing Europeans to fresh ideals of citizenship. German society was no less affected. Following the Napoleonic era, a political culture of partisan choice undermined the official restoration of absolutism. Bourgeois and popular classes took part in the political landscape of civil society, producing an impressive social base for participatory politics by the 1830s. Because of severe restrictions on speech and assembly, ordinary Germans formed political opinions in irregular ways. This book looks at the sites and forms of culture that facilitated political communication. With chapters devoted to reading, singing, public space, carnival, violence and religion, James Brophy argues that popular culture played a critical role in linking ordinary Rhinelanders to the public sphere. Moving beyond conventional explanations of opinion formation, he exposes the broad cultural infrastructure that enabled popular classes to join the political nation.</p>
Capitalism, Politics, and Railroads in Prussia, 1830-1870Brophy, JamesOhio State University Press1998

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